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A socialist, in democratic, capitalistic, western countries, is a person who was, more often than not, raised in a white, middle class family and adopts a socialistic political world view to vent the guilt felt by such an upbringing. This cathartic measure is a form of psychological flagellation and an attempt to identify with poorer people and countries. The socialist realizes that the hand they were dealt was not contingent on there being "special" but lucky.

The socialist then projects their insecurity's on the great father figure - the USA. In doing so they concentrate there hatred of America by villainizing and inventing "facts" and "events" while ignoring real problems outside of there scope of focus, revealing there motives to be far from objective.

The socialist will spend endless time, money and effort protesting tedious trivialities about the USA, such as trade laws or political meetings, and conveniently ignore tragedies occurring as they protest, such as massacres in Africa promoted by Muslims and Despots, or vicious sectarian rivalries across the Middle East. The socialist ignores these nasty facts about the world because they were not, in some way, connected to the USA.

The lack of any real connection to their “pet issues” and the USA does not always stop their wonderfully specious logic from drawing a connection. This also extends their putting a spin on historical events, or a complete revision of history itself. A good example of the above is the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, now, it appears, that this was an act of terrorism and imperialism, rather than an ugly act of a very ugly war.
An example of the act of being born to a middle class family and than dedicating ones life to socialism - Zack de la Rocha and Che Guevara
by TedShatner June 03, 2006

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