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A term meaning you both scanned and read something. Used by the legal mediator character Kate on the March 16, 2011 episode of "Fairly Legal" on the USA cable channel. Also a valid text memorization procedure.
Did you read all the information on the video gamers case?
Yes, I scread it!
Oh, you both scanned and read it! Very inventive!
by Techrex March 27, 2011
The networking power of Facebook and related Internet social networking institutes that facilitates revolutions in the mid-east nations and elsewhere.
What enabled the revolution in Egypt?
Blame it on the Facebook Factor!
by Techrex March 26, 2011
The de-valuing of images of beauty and nudity due to the unlimited images of all that on the Internet.
The subscription lists of Playboy and Penthouse magazines greatly declined due to the image inflation from the Internet.
by Techrex January 18, 2010
A psych condition of religious fanatics in which they think God is only a bigger version of themselves and act accordingly.
He wanted to be a new Messiah, but his Osama Syndrome offended everyone.
by Techrex February 01, 2010
The ultimate lure of electronic toys, is to simply not care about them anymore! I got this new word from the Monday, Jan 25, 2010 "Cathy" newspaper comic strip, where her husband says "Financial tools...organizational tools...networking tools...writing tools...scheduling tools.." and "With my new phone, the clutter of our lives is finally getting under control!" and Cathy says,"You've had your new phone for a week. How is the clutter more under control?", and he says" I don't care about it anymore." and Cathy thinks in a thought baloon, "Ah...the ultimate lure: disconnectivity."
He was so electronically and technically advanced, that he tired of it all, and embraced disconnectivity.
by Techrex January 26, 2010
The latest college graduate generation who keeps saying they aught to do important things but never do! This is from the "Mother Goose and Grimm" newspaper comic strip by Mike Peters.
The comic strip's Blurb is "The Aught Generation" and shows recent college grads thinking lines like: I ought to have a job! or I ought to get health insurance! or I ought to pay off my student loan! or I ought to move out of my parents house!
by Techrex April 06, 2010
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