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The art of reverse-engineering the cost/utility justification and the accompanying self-deception for the purchase of expensive shiny toys, having already decided that you want them. Sex-linked largely male trait and applied to: cars, technogeekery and other stuff that more pragmatic other halves may raise an eyebrow or three at. See also, Itsabargain.
Spending huge sums on expensive German cars is Blokeonomics because, "they depreciate less than the others and last longer", when the difference in price would cover depreciation over several decades.
by Technomad November 12, 2012
1. Someone who blogs via Twitter.
2. Generic Nickname given to cats (esp. Maine Coons) who display great playfulness (UK: Compound of "Twit" and "Mog")
1. Sitting by the lake in the sun, Twogging to make people jealous.
2. "I'm just going out to walk the Twoggers".
by Technomad June 02, 2009

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