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3 definitions by Techman

Deeply in debt but ostentatious.
How can he afford that boat?
He can't. He's nigger rich.
by Techman March 02, 2004
1918 324
1. Being in denial of cocaine's effects
2. The ecstacy of a cocaine high
3. Temporary loss of vision due to usage of cocaine
Brodie is too snowblind to see that he has a problem with cocaine.
by Techman August 12, 2005
118 77
A gun, usually cheap and having the serial numbers removed, that is used to kill someone and left or "dropped" at the scene of the crime to avoid any connections with the perpetrator and the gun used in the crime.

Sometimes a drop piece can be a gun that has been stolen from someone; therefore the serial numbers will have no way of being traced back to the perpetrator.

A drop piece can be carried by a police officer to plant on people after they have been shot by said police officer to justfify a shooting.
That cop shot the guy, then put a drop piece in his hand.
by Techman April 03, 2008
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