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Ace Hood (born May 11, 1989 in Deerfield Beach, Florida) is an American rap artist signed to DJ Khaled's label, We The Best Music, best known for his single, "Cash Flow".234 He is scheduled to release his debut album, Gutta, on August 26th 2008, and is also appearing on DJ Khaled's next album, We Global.In 2007, Ace Hood met DJ Khaled outside the offices of WEDR 99 Jamz, a South Florida radio station that mainly plays hip hop and contemporary R&B music. Ace gave him a biography of himself and a demo tape. The same night, Khaled called Hood's manager and said he loved Ace's hunger and image. Khaled presented Ace one more test; to rap over the instrumental of "I'm So Hood". Khaled loved what Ace did, and a few weeks later, he was signed to We The Best Music, and soon after Def Jam.
Yo man ace hood is dope!!!! did you hear his track picture me rollin ??????
by Tec-9 June 21, 2008

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