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The most beautiful, cultured and economically strong country in western Europe. For its size, it has produced many geniuses, who will continue to be studied and adored. A nation that is full aware of its importance in Europe, and the world. a country that "Fights well above its weight". The Celtic tiger has given this beautiful country the boost it needed to reign supreme of her own affairs. A country once torn and still bares the scars of the illegal occupation by a "more civilised" nation that raped, ruined and pillaged nearly every country in the world at the but of a gun. One day this fabulous country will be united and that shall be my dancing day. Any uninformed, uncultured member of the dregs of society (more than likely British) who thinks that Ireland and its inhabitants are the slaves of Europe are gravely misinformed. The people of Ireland do not care how they are perceived by the rest of the world, we know that our country is one that shines bright in the European union, a neutral country that harbours a great tradition of acceptance and diversity. A country of beautiful unspoilt landscapes paralleled with bustling cities and cosmopolitan lifestyles. A country that I am proud to call home, because when you have such a home, you are one lucky individual! Up President Mc Aleese!
Ireland is the best!
by Teasy Scullion September 16, 2004

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