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used to ask your boys if they're ready to spit game at the ladies.

See BYOB and brick
Yo, Smurf, got brick? BYOB for life bro! *flashes shocker*
by Team_BYOB September 16, 2003
a hard building material used to guarentee sex, also used to signify to your friends a female is attractive.

Ex 1. Smurf, check out them bricks over there.
Ex 2. Guy: Hey, look over there. Girl: Where? Guy: Right there! Girl: I don't see anythi... *brick*
by Team_BYOB September 16, 2003
Bring your own brick, used to signify one or many good looking females are around.
Man, look at all these girls, BYOB fo' sho
by Team_BYOB September 16, 2003
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