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Noun. Anything that makes the sound of shit hitting water, the looch sound. Essentially calling someone a loocher is calling then shit.
To enrage the bullies he stuck his butt at them and called out, "Loocher, loocher, loocher!"
by Teammillunzi February 18, 2009
Noun. The act of wetting your pants, letting it dry, and then later, without changing clothes, having oral sex with someone. They don't know it but they just licked something as filthy as a shower curtain.
I got drunk and pissed myself at the party. Six hours later I was making out with that red headed chick and she gave me a shower curtain.
by TeamMillunzi February 18, 2009
Noun. The sound poop makes when it hits the water. A loocher is anything that makes that sound. Calling someone a loocher is calling them shit.
I was taking a crap when I heard this loud looch and my ass was wet from the splash back.
by Teammillunzi February 18, 2009
Brutal Life Altering Rape Treatment. Noun; The act of raping someone with such force and single-minded evil that it changes their life forever. As opposed to date rape, which can often be repressed, a BLART is something that forces years of therapy and total loss of self. Being held captive in a trucker's footlocker for three weeks eating only clumps of hair and peach slices while being systematically tortured and sexually abused with jumper cables would be a BLART. Showering after some frat boy held you down for three minutes would not be a BLART.
They found her hiding from the light in a hallowed out tree clinging to a dirty sweater and missing six fingers, it was obvious to the detectives she had received a BLART.

That girl is such a cunt, she needs a good BLART.

I would never make love to Paris Hilton, but I wouldn’t mind giving her a BLART.

by TeamMillunzi February 18, 2009
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