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1. Noun. A cheap, sneaky, cowardly, or otherwise conniving little person
1. You're such a goddamn pipsquilly.
by Team Johnnycake January 03, 2006
1. Verb. To take or vandalize something of importance belonging to someone else without their immediate notice.

2. Verb Also. To describe someone's own loss of possessions, due to their obliviousness.

3. Exclamation. To announce someone's dismay due to being shambled.

4. Verb once more. The act of taking the sacred virginity of another.
1. I just shambled your dog.

2. Dude. You just got shambled.

3. (with great emotion) Shambled!

4. "You shambled my sister"
by Team Johnnycake January 03, 2006
A person who is content with eating fruit, all day long.
"Hey, want a bite of my orange?"
"Shut the fuck up, Floopie."
by Team Johnnycake April 29, 2007
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