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xbfcb - ex boyfriend cock block.

When you are trying to get with a girl and a jealous ex boyfriend comes out of nowhere and cock blocks your game.
Dude 1: "Yo man, you get with that girl last night at the cocktail party?"

Dude 2: "No, she was in the fucking bedroom on the phone with her ex boyfriend all night who was threatening to kill himself... talk about a xbfcb"
by team este April 13, 2009
A Wednesday trim is when you trim your pubes on a Wednesday in anticipation of getting lucky on the weekend.

It is important to trim on a Wednesday because it gives you time to grow a little stubble, and get rid of the razor burn so it doesn't look like you shaved just for the weekend.
Person 1: "Dude my ex girlfriend is coming over Friday, should I shave the pubes before she comes?"

Person 2: "Bro, you should go with the Wednesday Trim, that way she knows you didn't shave just for her."
by team este April 10, 2009
EFOD - eye full of dick

This happens when you are entering a mens bathroom and you try to scope out where the urinals are located. Occasionally one accidentally gets and eye full of dick when looking for the urinal. This normally occurs when there is a lack of privacy dividers between urinals.

Trough-style urinals at sporting events are also common for having a high risk of EFOD exposure. Also common at strip clubs.

Unfortunately, EFOD exposure will likely be tattooed in ones brain for the remainder of the day.

Guy 1: "Hey, wheres the pisser?"

Guy 2: "Back by the other stripper pole, oh but be careful dude, I got an EFOD looking for the urinal.. there's no fuckin dividers."
by team este April 21, 2009
A incomplete or sub-par job completed when shaving ones pubes. This is normally a result of being rushed or under a deadline. (buddy coming over real quick) Altered Image jobs almost always have to be touched up at a later date.
Person 1: Hey man, did you trim up for tonight?
Person 2: Nah dude, I didn't have time so I gave it the altered image treatment.
by Team Este September 22, 2009
A big arm test is a visual check of the diameter of a girls arms to determine if she will blow up in the future. If a girl has large arms but a small body while young, chances are she will become fat in the long haul.
person 1 - "damn, look at that girl on the beach, i'd marry her!"

person 2 -"nah dude, she fails the big arm test, shes gonna blow up like a blimp"
by Team Este June 10, 2010
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