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A man whose age is unknown, yet despite maturity level appears to be quite youthful. Paul G is a dapper and dedicated contributor to any friendly banter, and is never found without a Bluetooth in his ear. He can be counted on to add a high level of energy and enthusiasm to an outing. Paul G is bright yet does not always utilize his entire cognitive capacity when making choices, as he has often frequented sordid locations. He has been known to demand hugs from young ladies upon meeting them, and has been deemed creepy by a lady or two. But upon getting to know him, everyone realizes that Paul G is a true friend who can be counted on to enhance any experience.
Paul G is not without his oddities, however. He is more likely to remove his shoes than his Bluetooth, and don't ask him why he wants a hug from you--he cannot answer this question without hugging you. Still, despite these shortcomings, if you get to know Paul G you will be glad you did. He has a brilliant and mesmerizing presence, and when he talks with his hands, it's as though you are attending a sordid sermon.
"Dude, Paul G took his shoes off right before dinner. Don't you think that's weird?"

"Yo, is that Bluetooth attached to Paul G's ear?"

"He just met that chick and was hugging on her. What a Paul G."
#hug #hugs #bluetooth #creepy #sordid #friends #ladies
by Team awesome November 24, 2013
To make a demonstration out of some person/thing by utterly embarrassing them.
"Man we got demonstratized in that flag football game".
#demonstrate #embarrass #pwn #count chocula #demonstration
by Team Awesome November 13, 2007
A random time period that occurs each year at varing lengths. Any person born within this time period is granted the powers of the awesome. For instance, in the year 1985, the year of the Awesome spanned 4/21 - 5/27, thus everyone born during then was Awesome.

1985 also marks the coming of the truly Awesome, kind of like the Christ of the Awesome if you will.
Tom and Duffy were born in the year of the Awesome, therefore women flock to them.
#year #awesome #tom #duffy #1985
by Team Awesome December 12, 2006
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