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The most successful scam perpetrated to laser enthusiasts,but especially commoners who wet their pants when they see a laser burn something.

The company is most likely run by communists, who hired scam artists and advertising professionals to promote their products.

All the specs provided on the site are a definitive lie, as well as all the fake reviews.

Wicked Lasers business strategy involves the massive spending on search engine manipulation, public opinion control, and propaganda campaigns. Instead actually using money to make quality lasers, they use money to make you think the lasers are adequate.

The company also runs a forum, which is supposed to provide "an open environment for laser enthusiasts to freely communicate and exchange laser knowledge, opinions on WL products..." this is an excerpt from the forum's Term of Service. Nevertheless, when one posts a thread with third party tests, showing just how much of a piece of shit the their products are, it gets promptly removed.

Do you self a favor read on the laserpointerforums about Wicked Lasers, don't be impressed by all the good publicity.
Johnny: I just dropped my entire paycheck on this sweet Pulsar dude!

Telight:*takes out $40 Chinese red laser*

Johnny: WTF is that piece of shit.

Telight: Its a quality laser

Johnny: *Enthusiastically clicks his "laser" on*

3 seconds later...

Telight: Sigh, well at least it looks like it would make a good paper weight. *Goes off to burn things with his laser*

Johnny:*Calls Wicked Lasers*
"My laser broke after 3 seconds, repair it with warranty please.

Wicked Lasers: Sorry Johnny you voided warranty when you turned the unit on, asshole.
by TeLight April 26, 2009

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