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To take ones dick, rub it with spearm, then cover it with cotton. Then the male fucks someone and eats the cotton. To kinky people this is a turn on.
Man:"I want you bad!"
Female/Male:"But i'm not turned on though."
Man: "How 'bout a Cottonswab?"
Female/Male:"Oh shit! Let's d it right here in public!"
by Taylor2_2 December 02, 2006
The tooth fairy is a ninfo ass slut-bag that, after you loose teeth, sneekes into your room at night and tries to steal your teeth from under your pillow. I think people are stupid because if they don't want to get the tooth taken why would they put it under their pilow? That's the first fucking place she will look! Plus she is a bitch because from a sign as,"oh i paid for this" SHE LEAVES A GODDAMN QUARTER WHERE THE TOOTH WAS! I never belived in this chick beacuse no little white fairy would sneek inti the hood after dark. Some nigga will fuck her in the ass so hard with his long black cock she will loose all of her teeth!
The fucking tooth fairy took my god damn tooth! Now I have to grow another.
by Taylor2_2 December 02, 2006

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