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A guy/girl/person( of any gender inbetween) that tries to be something they aren't and thinks they are really cook while being all poserish. The normal poser is an emo kid poser which is usually called scene. Poser kids are stupid. And Fags. Get a life posers.
"Dude lets go check out that new anime stuff!"
"YEAH and while we're at it lets look at that new Harry Potter movie! I heard it was RAD."
"We are so emo dude.."
(man from afar)
"Wow, what posers"
by Taylor1993 October 06, 2008
Someone who shops at Hot Topic.
"DUDE lets go to Hot Topic"
"Yeah we can look so stupid and like posers"
"Alright, sweet i have always wanted to look like a shitbag!"
by Taylor1993 October 06, 2008
The friend in every group of friends that nobody likes. She is often referred to as a douche bag.However, whenever KAR. shows up everyone acts kind to her.
"I fucking HATE KAR."
(KAR. walks up)
"What's up KAR.?"
by Taylor1993 October 06, 2008
A milk choclatly candy bar full of peanuts and fuck.
"dude i just had the best clusterfuck ever, i froze it before eating"
by Taylor1993 October 06, 2008
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