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(pronounced Buh-HAY-mee-enz) A person who has parents or ancestors born in The Bahamas who were at one time a citizen of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas after it became independent, not including those who remained British citizens after The Bahamas gained its independence in 1973. Bahamians are 85% black, although there are also 12% white and 3% Asian or Hispanic. Bahamians are usually very good looking and have soothing accents.
I am a Bahamian because my father was born in The Bahamas and was a citizen until he was 18 years of age.
by Taylor Robert Koehler May 09, 2005
A chain of 700 islands in the Caribbean Sea that was claimed for Spain in 1492, but switched back and forth between British, Spanish, and Pirate rule between 1648 and 1783, at which point it became a colony of Great Britain. The Commonwealth of The Bahamas became independent on July 10th, 1973. A beautiful land of hot Bahama-mamas, relaxing reggae remix, partying all night long, and the smell of papaya in the air.
My father is an illegal immigrant of The Bahamas
by Taylor Robert Koehler May 09, 2005

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