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Somebody who seeks sexual intercourse with a smaller body built person (petite). Midget are a favorite turn on if avalible.
Marc: "Hey AJ did you see the chick Alex brought home the other night?"
AJ: "Yeah she was the smallest chick ever, I think he's a tinker fucker!"
Marc "Thats true he might as well be porking midgets!"
**Marc and AJ chuckle loudly in the back of the church...
by TattooedDestruction September 16, 2008
The act of when a male consumes exlax then when the urge to shit comes spreads his butt cheeks exposing the butthole and pressing it up against the open mouth of his partner, pushes hard and shits in their mouth (liquid shit), then goes to the rear of their partner, inserts penis in the anus while pulling both the arms backward and the one with shit in her/his mouth closes their teeth and squeezes the crap out rapidly to make a whistling noise.
Marc: "Oh man bro my stomach is still churning from last night with patty"
Marc: "Yeah, of course...why?"
AJ: "I was wondering why it smelled like shit when she kissed me this morning"
Marc: "Damn, sorry bout that bro"
AJ: "Its cool man"
by TattooedDestruction September 16, 2008

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