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2 definitions by Tastey Taste

(1) Holiday celebrated every April 24th, involving the drinking of at least 24 beers. Any scheduled activity (e.g. work, classes, baptisms) must still be attended.

(2) An act of stupidity involing significant drinking, similar to the "yoke challenge".
"Did you see Chauncey? He just finished Newman's Day and looks f*cked up!"

"We were so bored we decided to pull a Newman's Day last night."
by Tastey Taste April 07, 2004
(1) The technical term for the plastic rings that hold together a six-pack of beer cans.

(2) A serving of beer, i.e., drinking all six beers without removing them from the plastic rings.

(3) "Yoke Challenge": Trying to drink all of the beers in a six-pack as fast as possible without removing them from the plastic rings or dousing yourself in beer; often used as a strategy for Newman's Day.
Yo, man, let's yoke it up tonight!

Poor Pat, he can't even finish a whole yoke!

For someone who says he's dry, that Chauncey sure drinks a lot of yokes!

That girl's so crunchy, she wants to cut up the yokes to save the dolphins or something.
by Tastey Taste April 07, 2004