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3 definitions by Tarik

A term used to describe a woman or man who is thought to engage in multiple acts of fellation to the point of over ingestion of seminal fluid; where any attempts to relieve gastrinomic pressure results in a involuntary influx of said seminal fluid being belched up
Insult-"You cum-burping-gutter-slut"
Description-"Jenny is such a cum-burping-gutter-slut"
by Tarik April 04, 2005
Playstation 2 fanboys are often reffered to as Cows in the Gamespot system wars forum
The Cows have been owned, DMC 2 flopped!!11!! its true 5 starz!!11!
by Tarik January 12, 2004
suspicious; conspicuous.
You guys are so sent off with all of your coughing and laughing... My neighbor hears it and she tells my mom about it.
by Tarik June 01, 2004