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A resident of unpopulated areas (such as Upstate NY or the Deep South) who is literally skin & bones and looks like a mountain man. Often, they survivie on coffee & cigarettes alone, and wear flannel shirts & ill fitting jeans to disguise their painfully thin physique. Oh, and they also happen to be gay. Though it's unlikely anyone would hook up with them anyway.
He Says: Look at that creepy homo-cadaver over there, he looks even more skeletal than Maria Shriver. And he just hit on me... I think.
by Tard November 05, 2004
A delicious treat. This refers to a female persons nether-region when said area is still adorned with a full bush.

Depending on the owner of the pie, to refer to one could be a blessing or a curse.
(random younger male) mmmm... got me a sweet piece of publie pie on the hood o' that car last night. Damn near the only thing I could find on that beast.
by Tard November 08, 2004
When one is using the facilities and is suddenly overcome by a rancid wafting stench. This stench occurs when gasious build-up from a rotten crotch is let free without warning, so said crotches owner can take a piss... or worse.

The larger the pants (the largest referred to as tent pants) and accompaning crotch, the more overwhelming the odor. Can cause sudden, convulsive vomiting, unconciousness, and in the worst cast scenario, death.
Stay out of the loo, some crazy bitch just Unleashed the Dragon!! Holy Crap!
by Tard November 05, 2004
An anal commander
Holy crap jaff is such a dox
by tard June 03, 2003

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