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Great restraunt serving authentic indo food on Race Street in Philadelphia's chinatown section. you can usually expect to see several waiters in very nice clothes running around. it is a great place with fine food and decour. they also own cafe pandawan lima in south philly. expect to pay about 25 - 30 dollars per person.
damn the indonesia restraunt is expensive!
by TapRootDan July 25, 2005
When you go to New York City and some dirty ass street peddler offers you a 'great deal' on a fake Prada bag for only 25 dollars, you turn it down, because youre not sure. So when they offer you two for 15 you kindly accept, eager to tell your friends what a great deal you just made. Then, 5 minutes later you get mugged by a pointman who saw you open your rich tourist wallet on the street, you stupid fuck. Then you drive 3 hours home and all you have is a fucking fake Prada bag that you compare to your friends fake Louis Vitton bag.
damn, 2 bags for only 15 bucks, that shit's fake!
by TapRootDan July 25, 2005
80's hairmetal band that really really sucks, sometimes they go on tour, have a special on MTV or show up at your local town fair with REO speedwagon.
man this new craptallica cd sucks, how much do you think lars and james made?
by TapRootDan July 25, 2005
a man originally born in innsbruck, austria in 1889. He was very upset at the fact that he couldnt do finger paintings, so he joined the army. he later took over germany in 1933, then proceded to attack several countries, most notable the country of france, which as everyone knows is pretty gay. he later attacked russia, yugoslavia, britain, norway, denmark, greece, and a whole slew of other fag infested countries. he also had plans to secretly bomb sanfrancisco and kill all the fags living there. finally he killed himself.
your mom looks like hitler. (is this a your mom or hitler joke?)
by TapRootDan July 25, 2005
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