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"TL/FWI" is a phrase that spread across the internet fairly quickly in early 2006 via Internet bulletin board systems (BBS). The defintion of the five letter acronym is widely debated and rarely agreed on. In fact, the context of it usage widely varies from board to board, or even within the boards themselves.

Known Usages:

-insult for a long post
-compliment for an humorous post
-acknowledgement of a strangeness or weirdness of a post
-irrelevant response to an uninteresting topic
-can be added to a post to imply raunchyness or cheekiness

The origins of the phrase is believed to the forums of the Sherdog BBS, more specifically the Off Topic forum, which has spawned the TL/FWI group (AKA The TL/FWIlluminati) in the Spring of 2006.

The group claims to promote for general random humor and moments they define as "WTF?" moments. They browse boards across the internet conversing, creating, and pointing out these poignant moments with their group slogan "TL/FWI".

The actually meaning of the phrase "TL/FWI" is supposed to be a closely guarded secret, known only by the higher level members of this group. They've adopted the surname "Illuminati" to reflect this element of secrecy.

Also popular amongst the group are disturbing images, various pornography, and Danny Glover.
"Yo man, I was checking up on OT, and all the sudden I find Tranny pics on the board."

"That's def. TL/FWI"
by TapOutGrapler May 18, 2006
What is the Movement you ask? Could the Initials T.O.G. have anything to do with Patrick's NickName? So many Questions, so little space to write on.
(I Will describe this in Simple English, as opposed to Ebonics because there are people who will want to find out about us without going through translation)
Here's a brief history of the Movement.
Started in 1998 by the two leading experts in Hawt Women, the movement started out as a quiet group where people could express their feelings about racial prejudism and how to un-nancy-fy the male race. Since then, the group has grown into a massive flood of pictures of hot women and David Hasselhoff.
What is the point of this group?
-Learn an ancient and no longer used language called Ebonics
-Present findings in pictures of Hot Women and David Hasselhoff
-World Domination
Word is Born
"Ay yo, we gonna wreck dis place"
"Word is Born!"
"T.O.G. Movement for life son!"
by TapOutGrapler July 28, 2006

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