3 definitions by Tanner Frederick

To overreact to the incorrect perception of misfortune.
"STOP, EVERYBODY! CHECK YOUR COATS. Mine's missing again. Oh wait, nevermind."
"Relax, don't Pull a McRae."
by Tanner Frederick February 14, 2008
To not only succeed, but to do so to an exceptional standard.
"Nicely done!"
"Yeah, I figured I'd pull a McRae"
by Tanner Frederick February 15, 2008
1. Shoes one wears when one needs to fight his/her way through a large group of females.
2. Shoes of questionable fashion, which girls notice and comment on.
Origin - Get Fuzzy, Darby Conley - 28 Nov. 2006
1. "Then get your girl-shoving shoes on my friend, 'cause you're in a line full o' fanatic females." Bucky Katt - Original use
2. Chick - "Nice Shoes." Dude - "Thanks, they're my girl-shoving shoes."
by Tanner Frederick December 23, 2006

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