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3 definitions by Tanch

judaism's greatest weapon; often used by jewish mothers; often ruins your plans for the night or sometimes, in extreeme cases, your whole weekend. Uses mostly reverse physcology.
Mother: David can you run down to Epstein's and get me a roast beef on rye, with russian dressing?
David: No mom, I'm supposed to meet the guys in 10 minutes.
Mother: Ok...I'll remember that.
David: Well I mean, if you realy want me to go I guess-
Mother: No, forget it... go out..leave me here.
David: (sighs) Did you say you wanted russian dressing?
by Tanch May 04, 2005
hilarious, large penised mamal; a jew with a huge shlong.
Wow! Look at that thing! You must be a tanch!
by Tanch May 04, 2005
Canadian sport consisting of a large breasted woman, a sailor, atleast one jewish person, a barrel, and a wad of crap.
Jon: Hey Pete are you going to Janet's party?
Pete: Nah, there's a big crap dangling tournement today...hey are you jewish?
Jon: Yeah
Pete: You want to come?
by Tanch May 06, 2005