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A group of girls (usually 1-5 in the group) tougher than the parole board a guy has to impress when he decides to get further on in a relationship with a girl. Will think one way about the guy in front of their friend, but talk about him like vultures to the girl behind his back.
Ashley: Girlfriends, this is my new boyfriend, Matt.
Matt: Hey.

(The girl leaves the room)

Liana: So, Matt, do you love Ashley? Do you feel she's the one for you?

Matt: Yes.

Melanie: What do you do for a living?

Matt: I'm a fitness instructor.

Aisha: What car do you drive?

Matt: Dodge Nitro.

(Girl comes back, guy leaves with her.)

Girl #1: he seems really nice. I like him.
Girl #2: Me too, he has a nice job, nice car, he's hot, he's perfect.
Girl # 3: I approve of him. I think she should stay with him.
by Tanauthority7979 December 18, 2010
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