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A very funny, and nice girl that knows everyone, and is also a major hipster. But she isn't one of those hipsters you hate shes one of those likable hipsters.

She also has a ton of piercings and as long mermaid hair that she dyed purple and red.
Hey did you see that Leanna
Yeah well she does know everyone
by Tammy G1 March 31, 2012
Goth, indie, and scene

Emo is a branch of goth, they wear dark colors and dye their hair black. They are not fun people to be with.

People that wear their old 3-D glasses with the lenses punched out. To look cool. not fun to be with due to them being very annoying and pretentious.

The girls that cut their hair in choppy layers and dye it weird colors. Nobody likes these girls due to them being awkward outcasts that try to stand out.

All groups wear excessive amounts of eyeliner and nobody enjoys their presence.
Have you heard about the 3 branches of hipsters?
Yeah I feel Leanna fits all 3!
Yeah except the whole goth thing
No shes pretty goth too
by Tammy G1 March 31, 2012

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