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A more modern branch of the group "Hippie". This branch has a more modern view and taste. In this case, MFH's don't have rules to abide to except for these:-
1)If peace is possible, get it.
2)Don't give a think of what others view of you are.
3)Keep earth healthy.
The over-termed "hippie" version that has the view of a person running around barefoot, smoking pot, long hair, etc. is a past. MFH are the hippies nowadays. You may not realize them, as they believe that tie-die shirts and extra-flare pants are overrated. They could look totally normal, but for some, they tend to lean to the scene side.
They belive in daily meditation to clear their mind, and yoga is a time of relaxation.
They like to be UNIQUE. They hate being alongside with everyone else and want to start something new for themselves, however not for others to follow.
No, i'm a Modern Flexible Hippie (MFH). I've got my own views.
by Tam21 August 19, 2010

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