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6 definitions by Tam Datson

A game that has more addicting qualities than crack cocaine.
someone: Whats up man?
you: I'm on the patch.
someone: To quit smoking?
you: No. I play Diablo 2.
someone: Oh, so you're quitting?
you: Fuck no biatch, I'm on 1.09 patch, waiting for blizzard to get their shit in gear and release the much needed 1.10
by Tam Datson March 07, 2003
a weak, pathetic argument used in scenarios in which you generally cannot win. Resotring to "pry not" or rather "probably not" is a last hope effort to annoy someone to the point that they simply walk away and remember that you are too much of a retard to have an actual argument.
Someone: You're completely at fault, I physically saw you commit the crime.

You: Pry not.
by Tam Datson March 07, 2003
When something is gnarly or killer, hence gnar-kill.
When Justin farts, it's so gnarkill.
by tam datson April 09, 2004
slurred speech for 'Just Be Like' generally spoken by a tired person or someone that is really high.
Someone: He told me to fart, what do I say?
You: S'be like "Nah, pry not. What? you're gay?"
by Tam Datson March 07, 2003
Awkard or weird, of a strange or odd origin.
These cheetos taste googly.
by tam datson April 09, 2004
A low quality cartoon idolized by 16 year old boys that wear 'My Little Pony' t-shirts.

It is hypothesized by many critics that SpongeBob Squarepants is the modern day equivalent of bloody fecal matter, yet a majority of people argue that bloody fecal matter is far more humorous.
I would rather shove a handfull of razors in my asshole and listen to Celine Dions entire compilation of music than to watch a single episode of SpongeBob Squarepants.
by Tam Datson May 07, 2003