17 definitions by Talon

what u say to someone who just got angry or asked u to do somthing u dont want to do.
2.can be replaced by settle down.

You: Go bat off a dog
why dont u just go bat off a dog
why dont u just settle down
by Talon May 31, 2004
the silky cord substance that can be harvested from a male or female anus
i went to the medical centre to get my anal cord drained out.... "ohhhhhh it feels like radish cheese!!!!!!!"
by Talon July 17, 2004
a word that enphasizes somthing in a possitive way (and also one of my fav words)
That Salty lamb i had was FANFUCKINGTASTIC!
by Talon May 31, 2004
To be slapped in the face with a penis
"That dude just got bazaad!"
by Talon September 14, 2003
a crappy editing program that suckers like me use to edit movies
Ulead videostudio 7 sux so bad for editing
by Talon May 31, 2004
1.a homeless person who wears no shoes

2.an insult implying that the person u are saying it to is poor.
1."theres so many shoeless joes in New York"

2."you pov shoeless joe!"
by Talon May 31, 2004
an abbriviation for a 360 flip
Nice 3 0 flip!
by Talon May 31, 2004
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