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A near mystical figure who is king of all musicians. Pseudo deity of music.
In his day Elvis almost reached Taliesin status.

The beetles were almost as big as Taliesin, and possibly bigger than Jesus.
by TalixZen February 04, 2010
TalixZen is a musician with a glitched out brain who might very well be out of his mind. TalixZen can also mean the use of chaos, creativity and experimentation in the creation of music/art.
That TalixZen guy's playing again tonight. That guy's insane I swear!
I took the TalixZen approach to recording this song.
by TalixZen February 04, 2010
Alien. Foreign. Not from around here. Strange.

Obviously culturally different.
"I feel like such a talix in this school. Everyone is American but me."

"That new guys kind of a talix, wouldn't you say. Stands out like a sore thumb."
by TalixZen April 18, 2010

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