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5 definitions by Taji

Young African-American Go, that sings with feeling and love
Can't nobody sing like Latif
by Taji March 08, 2004
56 23
A city like no other. freeways, beaches,stars,hills,sunshine,nightclubs,nice weather. Very expensive though. Very laid back people.
L.A. is a great American City!
by Taji July 25, 2004
54 42
An attractive young man from the singing group "ATL"
Yo, he fine, he kinda look like Tre`
by Taji March 08, 2004
2 10
Young intelligent balck woman and the current host of Bet's 106th& park
Free is mad cool
by Taji March 08, 2004
10 24
The whole damn city is ghetto expect for the northside and Downtown. Its like a mini New York City.
It's a desent city. View is better from hancock building then, Sears Tower and don't let anyone tell you anything different.
by Taji July 25, 2004
53 211