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Cali meaning California. Scrillya mean money. It's called Caliscrillya due to the amount of money made and to be made in California.
Person 1: Where did you go this summer?
Person 2: Caliscrillya main!
Person 1: Did you get to Oakland?
by TaiB January 26, 2008
A hardworking, dedicated, and loyal woman. She represents the real woman of this generation. She is intelligent, down to earth and well rounded. A witty and spirited woman with a propensity to make your life fun and easy going. She has a kind heart and a peaceful spirit. When you meet her, hold onto her, love her, and you will receive all of the love you give in return. .. plus 10 times more.
Tynesia is the marrying type but content on waiting for the right mate and the right time.
by TaiB October 18, 2014

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