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When someone is a complete slut whore that loves to suck cock and fuck, but somehow she is still amazingly good looking.
Holy shit look at that slut over there, she is whoregeous.
by Taco Maasdam February 03, 2007
A six pack of 40 oz malt liquor bottles often consumed by niggas and wiggas alike.
Andre: Yo man, I'm thirstier than a motha fucka.
T-Loc: Well shiii, thats all a nigga had to say, yo BITCH, go to the corner and pick us up a nigga sixa.
by Taco Maasdam January 20, 2008
A six pack of any cheap ass 40oz malt liquor.
Tom: Hey I'm going to the store do you need anything?
Taco: Yeeeeeaaaahhh Boooyeeeee, pick this G up a Nigga Sixa. Weez bout to get crizunked tonite.
by Taco Maasdam February 03, 2007
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