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Gorgeous but in a slutty, whorish way.
Damn, check that fine slut out....she is whoregeous!
by Nellystradamous July 08, 2009
When someone is a complete slut whore that loves to suck cock and fuck, but somehow she is still amazingly good looking.
Holy shit look at that slut over there, she is whoregeous.
by Taco Maasdam February 03, 2007
A woman who's gorgeous and behaves like a whore in the bedroom.
Dude! Remember that girl I met online, she came round mine last night and it turns out she's whoregeous! Like a dinosaur!
by just_laze May 25, 2010
A woman so hot you'd pay to have sex with her.
I can't stop looking at that girl, she's whoregeous.
by Trona October 08, 2011
Whore + gorgeous. One jealous woman to another "You look whoregeous!". Especially, on a night out among friends, a friendly jab. Not intended to be insulting but rather very complimentary.

A well dressed slut or a woman who is nicely dressed but on the brink of looking like a whore.
She was totally whoregeous!
by P-unit-2 July 15, 2011
She's hot, yeah, but... She's still a whore.
Often used to deride someone's taking of sloppy seconds.

"Come on dude, she's whoregeous.
by Midnight Mark December 20, 2009
whore-geous means to look inbetween a whore and gorgeous.
girl one "i look like a slut"
girl two "oh honey you look better than a slut, you look whore-geous!"
by simkat May 20, 2011

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