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3 definitions by Tace

You would laugh when you come across the following:
1. Sum1 who can't type proprly. lol!
2. When you win the lottery for the 67th time.
3. When American Idol is taken off the air because America became less stupid and decided it was a shitty show.
1. lol did u c dat entry 4 laugh on urbandictionary.com?1!!?1?1//? LOLOLOL!1!!
2. I won the lottery again. WTFH? xDDDD
3. It was taken off the air? Oh My God. It's about time. I'll sit back and laugh at how stupid we where for so long.
by Tace June 04, 2005
a phrase for slow people meaning move your fat ass
HEY! enter name here dasmerente!
by Tace June 06, 2006
Better is an adjective; comparative of GOOD.

Better is used to discribe somthing that is higher in value or worth than another thing. Somtimes it's used to discribe people. It can be one of these five:
1 : greater than half
2 : improved in health or mental attitude
3 : more attractive, favorable, or commendable
4 : more advantageous or effective
5 : improved in accuracy or performance
Person 1: I am king.
Person 2: I am a better king than you'll ever be!
by Tace June 04, 2005