11 definitions by Tabitha

To check out someone without actually going up and talking to them.
The mall is a great place to window shop; in more then one way.
by Tabitha June 26, 2004
something that is super
like something you can do really good
by tabitha November 19, 2003
Person or persons with tendency's towards relaxed freedom of thought, bathing and other hygenic habits. A frequent desire to travel and seek less socially acceptable avenues of societal behaviour. Occasionally seen walking mangy dogs but mostly heard talking in groups about acid and other trancendental mind blowing drugs.
Many of my friends. Male. female. Other.
by Tabitha July 10, 2003
Well If Cap'n Jack Sparrow says it it meand "I'm bloody Sexy" but if it's anything else, than it's "Allright?"
I'm Captin Jack Sparrow, Savvy?
by Tabitha September 03, 2003

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