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1. (noun) The gold relic (or power) left by the 3 goddesses in the epic video games series The Legend of Zelda by Shigeru Miyamoto consisting of the powers of Strength (or Power), Courage, and Wisdom.
2. (verb) To arrange three triangles to make a bigger triangle (triforcing).
3. (verb) To succeed at being completely epic.
1. (Sages) By some practicle joke of the gods, Gannondorf had stolen and still possesses the Triforce of Power.
(Link) Wait, so I was born with this power inside my hand but Ganon somehow managed to steal a Triforce? What Did he chop someone's hand off and surgically implant it?
(Midna) That WOULD explain why he's green...
2. (newfag) ▲

▲ ▲
(newfag) NOOOO!
3. Chuck Norris IS the Triforce of power, BIZATCH!
by TabGuy August 02, 2010
Sometimes called by it's Latin name, 'Terra', The Earth is a super computer designed by Deep Thought, another super computer, and payed for by two pandiminsional beings Loonquawl and Phouchg. This computer was so advanced that others began calling it a 'planet', and soon life itself sprang from it's main matrices. The 'humans', 'Earthlings', etc. that were brought forth were socially adaptible, and had the amazing ability to learn from other's mistakes (and strangely enough, an apparent disinclination to do so). The 'planet' itself was mostly harmless, untill it was demolished to make way for an intergalactic bipass by Vogons (a nastly lot, them), leading to the production of Earth Mk. II, which is where we live today.
Imagine there's no such thing as a cheeseburger.
Now, imagine there's no more McDonald's.
Now, the USD is gone.
Now imagine there's no New York Times.
Good. Now, there's no New York.
Now, there's no East Coast. No West Coast.
Now, and this is the big one, imagine there's no Chuck Norris.
If you could (somehow) follow that last instruction, then the Earth being gone's easy to grasp, no?
by TabGuy January 02, 2011
1. A flat sheet of microfilm in a form suitable for filing, usually measuring around 4 by 6 in. and containing microreproductions, as of printed or graphic matter, in a grid pattern.
2. Where Mr. T can/will punch you.
1. "Here's a dossier with his current likeness done in microfiche, sir." "Thank you Private, you are dismissed.
2. "I only pity the foo till I have ta punch em in his microfiche, sucka."
by TabGuy February 24, 2010

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