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2 definitions by TZN

Fellatiotone is the extreme muscular development that occurs when someone gives a lot of head. In developing fellatiotone the giver often feels muscular tiredness in the cheeks and a stiffening in the jaw. This passes once true fellatiotone is achieved.
Julie: "Gee whiz my jaw is tight and my cheeks are sore!"
Zoe: "Girl, you need to work on your fellatiotone. Once you get to be as good at giving head as me, your fellatiotone will be awesome!"
by TZN June 20, 2010
Someone who thinks they are superior to everyone else is known to display superiosity.
Lisa: "That Hank guy has some serious issues with thinking he's better than everyone else."
Zoe: "He's definitely got superiosity going on."
by TZN June 14, 2010