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2 definitions by TWISTEDDILL

The act of shitting your pants and going in somebody's car. Also the shitty underwear should be thrown into a tree somewhere near the car. Also can be referred to as Sandflossin'
Dillon-"Why does my car smell like shit?"
Cody-"Cause I was Sandfossing in your car last night...Sorry. Just look up in that tree."
Dillon-"I guess them panties are a Dundatta."
by TWISTEDDILL December 03, 2010
8 6
A person who in a sense is a hipster. He also enjoys the sound of jazz and is a pussy cocksucking bitch.
Me-"Why the fuck do you like jazz Calvin?"
Calvin(Jazzmaster)-"Because its soothing when your blowing a guy."
by TWISTEDDILL December 03, 2010
20 19