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A man whose not un-sizeable chin creates a physical appearance similar to that of a hippopotamus.
Have you seen the Chinapotamus over there?

Which one?

The dreadful skier.

Oh yeah, wow.
#chin #big chin #large chin #bad skier #huge chin
by TW98 March 09, 2011
Specifically pertaining to a ski-season.

As April arrives and the end of winter approaches - bar-staff, chalet hosts, ski instructors all realise it is the last week or two to get laid. As horniness and desperation rates soar, inflated levels of grimy, grotty one-night stands are recorded in ski-resorts across the world.
Guy1: Wow, did you hear that Dad shagged our chalet host last night?

Guy2: Not the hot one?!

Guy1: Yep - classic April Panic Shagging
#74400 #panic shagging #chamonix #alps #ski season
by TW98 May 11, 2011
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