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A word which means that a person is essentially an idiot, annoyance or naive.
It can be used to describe anything you want.
This game is fundafagish, especially when we have to play with those fundafags.
by TTRR26 April 07, 2010
A person who is naive, annoying, or an idiot, whom eats McDonald's a lot and also is a flaming homosexual.
Joe is a mcfaggatron because he eats McDonald and is a flaming homosexual.
by TTRR26 July 07, 2010

Literally translates as "The Way" in multiple languages.

The Eight level process of becoming a Bro.

The Brotestant will move up in the Brociety by following the demands and requests of the Bromeister. The Brotestant must complete or perform Broquests of extreme Broism-as determined by the Bromeister. The Bromeister is the Bro, the Brotestant is trying to become "Bro's" with.

1. The Brotestant will begin as Brocunt, the lowest of the low.
2. Brojangler
3. Brojewsef
4. Brojosef
5. Brosef
6. Bra
7. Broski
8. Bro
Me: Shit, how are you still a Brocunt, the lowest of all the levels of The Way? I'm almost a Bro you Fundafag.

Brocunt: I'm trying...Don't be such a Mcfaggatron.

Me: Whatever You Brocunt, just finish your Broquest and v-punt that ho!
by TTRR26 October 17, 2010
The act of shoving your foot inside a vagina. Include your shoe if you are a Broski.
Can be used as a verb (v-punted) and as a noun (v-punt)
Last night, Nate v-punted that bitch.
by TTRR26 July 15, 2010

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