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Also known as "You Betta Recognize." Developed as an alternative to "FYI," for those people who thought FYI was overused and generally lame. Used to call attention to important events, accolades, or other pieces of information.
YBR-The weatherman said it would rain today, so you best bring your umbrella with you.
by TStack1014 August 04, 2009
Term generally used in reference to the University of Arizona (the "U of A"), a prestigious institution located in Tucson, Arizona, and Arizona's first university. The school is also well known for its basketball program, which has set a record for consecutive NCAA tournament appearances. Also known as "U of A."
Kristy was the top student in her high school class, and decided to go to Tucson to attend the "Harvard of the Southwest."
by TStack1014 August 04, 2009
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