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When a girl is giving a guy a bj in the snow and he cums and it semi-freezes from the cold. The cold makes it like a frozen slushi.
Last night I was with Chantal and we wanted to try something new so I gave her a snowblower slushi.
by TRX534 October 17, 2009
When a girl is giving a guy a blow job she stops right before he cums and bites him all along his penis, creating marks that resemble grill marks on a hot dog.
Because Sherry's man had a huge ego and was arrogant, she decided to give him a Grilled Hot Dog to curb his attitude and to get revenge for the time he gave Jenny the eye.
by TRX534 November 29, 2009
To give a Christmas bonus, a girl must have sex with a guy in the cowgirl position. Then she gets off right before he orgasms, knees him in the balls, says 'Merry Christmas' and walks away.
Shelly gave John a Christmas bonus last night and he couldn't get out of the fetal position for ten minutes.
by TRX534 November 29, 2009
A girl who enjoys being on top.
"Man last night I hooked up with this girl and she was totally a slider."
by TRX534 February 06, 2010
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