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Dammnnn, that girl is so Jade
by TRUTHTELLER February 18, 2013
Morality is Extinct.
Quick as the dinosaurs.
by Truthteller February 15, 2005
The science of life that answers the eternal unanswered questions such what or who we are , where we came from and where we might be going. It has been presented to the world since the early 1950s by one of the world's greatest geniuses, L Ron Hubbard.

Unfortunately the failed Earth natives to whom this was presented to , turned out to be so immersed in their own superstitions, egotisms and prejudices that they managed to trash the work that what offered to them on a silver platter.

The wisdom of the scientology subject will probably not be realized by the current primitives who inhabit the Earth anymore than would the culture of the dark ages admit the tenets of 21st century science.

Hopefully in a few generations , humankind, if it survives its self destructive period ,will evolve from its infantile barbaric stage and the generations living then will realize what they have gotten handed to them. Hence most of the work of current officers of Scientology is concerned with preserving the materials for those future generations.
The simplest meaning for the word Scientology would be THE TRUTH ABOUT LIFE.
by truthteller March 24, 2005

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