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4 definitions by TRUEDAT50CENT

FInger used for Fingerin' a Girl.

Originated Early 70's. Used by John Travolta in the Movie,
"Saturday Night Fever" - Late 70's.
"You guys, you almost broke my Pussy Finger!"
by TRUEDAT50CENT March 18, 2005
When your sitting in an uncomfortable position, and your nuts are under stress, then they BEGIN to Twitch. Very Uncomfortable feel.
"Damn, that opera was so long, I got Nazi Nuts."
by TRUEDAT50CENT March 18, 2005
i<3ath, shut the fuck up, and by the way you type, I can tell your a chick. Or a faggot. Anyway, fuck you, yes I have heard Fiddy's new songs, they don't suck, oh yeah where's your album? Oh yeah, your too FUcKING STUPID to make one. HAHA, fuck off bitch, 50 IS here to stay, and you're not.
I hope you get shot 9 times. FUCK OFF HATER, make me a song, and send it to me, I bet you don't know shit, when you do get good, SEND IT OVER, I'm ready.
i<3ath and other fucks like you, I hope your JELEAOUS asses all die. Where's your fame? Your Face on Albums? On MTV? I DON'T SEE IT. How much you makin'? HAHA, do me a favor, piss off and die.
by TRUEDAT50CENT March 25, 2005
... Nice one there, fatfuck. Piss of, He makes millions, you make none. FUCK OFF HATER, He makes more in a day, than you will in your lifetime, faggot, FUCK YOU. Out.
"Don't be hatin' on 50 cuz he makes beats that make you act the fool."
by TRUEDAT50CENT March 18, 2005