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3 definitions by TRR

A word that describes the chemical effect cold water has on the penis.
Gee bob this pool water is really cold, i wonder if my penis has become minimized. Please do check.
by TRR June 03, 2003
2 4
A Reason for all poultry retails to increase prices.
They now claim to breed academic chickens, which taste much better than the previously non-academic smarter.
It is as thought you can taste the smartness in the meat.
Maple Leaf Meats has announced the increase of prices on poultry due to the use of academic chickens.
A company representative was quotes as saying " Smarter chickens, are tastier chickens ".
by TRR March 15, 2005
7 19
Noun - A member of a college fraternity or sorority.
The local greeks throw the best parties.
by TRR March 04, 2005
167 229