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1 definition by TRIGGRHAPPY

the name Senses Fail comes from the budist belief that to acheive narvana you have to let go and let your "senses fail". Bespite the religous name Senses Fail often critisizes religon, in songs like "rapture". The band's origanal line-up was asembulled when James 'Buddy' Neilsen, lead sing, posted an advertisment on the internet. The band have had many line-up changes over the years, the most resent being Heath as of 2009.
The band has as of 2009 have released 4 album (in order from oldest to youngest): From the depths of dreams, Let it enfold you, Still Searching, and Life is not a waiting room. The band has released two non-album song: Bastard son, and The past is proof (written for the second Punisher movie). The band has announced a new album, with one of the songs for that album, The Matry, as Guitar Hero 4 DLC.
Senses Fail is the best band ever.
by TRIGGRHAPPY October 09, 2009
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