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Stuart Noble, also known as Irish no-balls and nobless, Proble likes to probe men hence the name, he looks down on everyone believes his own hype and believes he is ultra intelligent event though he failed his one and only AS wich was sociology getting a grattifying well deserved U
proble is a big fairy bender
thats how long it is till ***** is mine
hey, its 3 days untill ***** is yours, fuk yes
by TRIGGERHAPPYTAYLOR September 16, 2004
Sum 1 usually a spotty geek who acts like a gangsta wen tlkin to people wen on the net, usually says u cum down to me hood and i'll give u a batterin
nick guest, sorry m8 but its true
by TRIGGERHAPPYTAYLOR September 16, 2004
someone who thinks there a living legend with his own appreciation site but who is actually hated by all.
i just posted sum seriuos hate on greasbys site
by TRIGGERHAPPYTAYLOR September 16, 2004
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