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Local slang for Pittsburgh, PA.
Are yinz from the Burgh?
by TRF August 31, 2006
A food native to Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania in which cubes of pork and/or veal are put on a short, wooden skewer, breaded, then baked and/or fried.

I've heard that city chicken originated during the Great Depression, when folks didn't have enough money to buy full cuts of meat, so they assembled meat scraps on a wooden skewer, creating a make-shift drumstick. Hence the name.
Are yinz havin' city chicken for dinner?
by TRF August 31, 2006
To engage in a pointless and/or unrewarding task that is often maddening and futile by nature.
Writing that report was about as much fun as stacking BB's.
by TRF December 10, 2007

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