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A syndrome that develops on the the occasion of an encounter with a teenage mother. This only occurs with particular mothers who are impoverished and tend to extort and plunder the resources of those around them. the sufferer of teenmom-phobia instinctually retreats from situations where a trashy teen mom is present because he or she intuits that they will be taken for all that they have.
I can't go in to cheap stores like JC Penny because my teenmom-phobia starts kicking in.

My girlfriend used to be cool but now she's pregnant and desperate to get on mtv. I'm developing an extreme case of teenmom-phobia, I hope she was cheating on me and the kid isn't mine.
by TREDNA February 29, 2012
the placement of mental bricks around an individual with whom the bricker does not want sexual contact.
i just bricked that bitch who was trying to suck my d.

that whore is bricking me because she found out that I dont have any money.
by TREDNA February 29, 2012

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