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A slang word that describes any girl from the Jersey Shore
Down on the Jersey Shore, there are from any given time, 100 to 1000 Snooki milling about
by TRAPSTAR550 August 13, 2010
A shart that is so powerful in nature that it contains the properties of a shotgun blast. When a mega shart occurs, the 'victim' will usually feel horrible for about 3 hours leading up to the blast. When the time comes, the person will usually get on their knees as a result of the pain; the mega shart usually occurs about this time, blasting out of ones asshole, usually tearing muscles and distending the anus, the blast blowing out of the pants in a shotgun like manner.
Jim was gripped by pain, and, being the experienced man he was, he knew it was a mega shart. Falling to his knees, he let loose, feeling the extreme pain and massive amount of crap rip through his ass, and burst out his pants.
by TRAPSTAR550 March 26, 2010
A person who who collects cum in a large tank, and then uses a powerwasher to spray cum at people for fun.
Bill got a beer, grabbed his can of cum, and setup his cum sprayer on the front lawn for a good day of spraying people.
by TRAPSTAR550 March 26, 2010
One who has mastered all things relating to the anus. Usually pertaining to one who knows how to stretch the anus to extreme limits.
"Dude, did you hear about Gary?"
"No, what happened?"
"He's a fifth degree anus master bro!"
"Holy shit!"
by TRAPSTAR550 March 26, 2010
When a man is ass fucking a female, and he pulls it out of her butthole, and its covered in shit.
Johnny finished fucking Laura in the ass, and pulled out. He then noticed his large member had a Java Jacket on it.
by TRAPSTAR550 August 10, 2010
The combination of the names Drew, and Larsen. Clearly equalling an awesome, badass guy who really doesnt like english class.
Damn, did you see Drew Larsen the other day?
Yah, he looked pissed because he was in english class. But he just took off in his mustang afterwards!
by TRAPSTAR550 May 14, 2010

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